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How many Doctor's are there?

And how do I count them

Since 1963 when the first Doctor Who episode aired Nov. 23rd there have been 13 men who have held the title of Doctor, and one of which who holds/held title as the War Doctor(See Table for list of actors). One of the things we know about Time Lords is that the only get to regenerate 12 times making for only 13 Doctors. Remember we are counting the spaces between the solid object not the objects them selves. Now that does leave a few things unclarafied. How can there only be 13 doctors when David Tennent's Doctor regenrated twice (see table number 10) and there are 14 Doctors? How are the Doctors coundted if there is one in the middle that does not have a number? Both are good questions, I will answer the second one first. The way that it was astablished in the Christmas Special "The Time of the Doctor" that he did not count two of his regenerations, one due to bad memmories the other due to not changing his face (see following answer). To answer the question about the 10th Doctor, as stated before it was astablished in "The Time of the Doctor" that the Doctor regenerated to a point as the 10th Doctor so that counted as a regenration, but the same person came out as who went in. Now in the same episode "tTotD" when the Time Lords are trying to come back into the universe through a rip in time and space, (the same one the Doctor fixed at the end of season five), Clara pleads with the Time Lords to give him another set of regenerations. Clara states all the things he has done in his life and reminds them that they need the Doctor if they ever want to come back to this Universe. The Time lords agree turning the Doctor young once again (he aged over time while he was stranded on the planet of Trenzalore in the town of Christmas) and granted him a new set of lives. When he is turned young again it is reviled that this was only part of his regenration process. After saying a heart felt goodbye to a figmented Amy Pond the Doctor compleats his regenration into Doctor 2.0 though most just call him the 12th Doctor.

So to clarify everything, the Doctor has regenerated a total of 13 times the last of which is of a new set. John Hurts Doctor is not coundted as one of the Doctors because the Doctor himslef does not count him. David Tennant Regenerated twice the first time it was only half way (see video 1) the second was into Matt Smith (see video 2). There are now 13 Doctors and the War Doctor. There should be at least another 12 Doctors before the show ends or the Doctor is granted another set of regenerations, hopefully in this second set the Doctor will be genger or even female, we have seen it happen with other Time Lords.

There are two other men, besides the main 13 Doctor's in the Photo at the top of the page. The one on the far left is Valeyard, he appeared in 1986 in the serial The Trial of a Time lord. This serial was with Doctor encarnation #6 (Colin Baker). Valeyard Is best described in the fan made wikia page. The other man inbetween Peter Davison and Tom Baker, is The Watcher, he is also best described in the same fan made wikia page. Both of these men are encarnations of the Doctor, but do not worry nither affect the counting of the Doctor's. Valeyard and The Watcher are simmiler to Meta-Crisis Doctor, the Doctor formed from the severd hand of the tenth incarnation shortly after he regenerated thus allowing him to grow a new one. There is also the Dream Loard who is a subcontios part of the Doctor broght to life because of a phycic pollen that got attached to the time rotor. These four others are not counted in the list of incarnations because they are not enbodyed by the same core Doctor, but insted his essences located somewhere elses.

ActorDoctor PlayedTime Played
William Hartnell1st1963-66
Patrick Troughton2nd1966-69
Jon Pertwee3rd1970-74
Tom Baker4th1974-81
Peter Davison5th1982-84
Colin Baker6th1984-86
Sylvester McCoy7th1987-89
Paul McGann8th1996 (TV movie)
Christopher Eccleston9th2005
David Tennant10th and 10 1/22005-10
Matt Smith11th2010-13
Peter Capaldi12th2014-
ActorDoctor PlayedTime Played
John HurtWar DoctorName of the Doctor and The Day of the Doctor

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